What We do
Our expertise  and experience is in the following areas:

1.Research : We provide highly skilled Research Assistants for individual researchers at friendly rates. We also partner in research projects with different individuals, organizations and institutions in the Great Lakes Region. 
The centre also undertakes archival research and develops research tools for clients as well as baseline surveys for institutions. The centre carries out pre-testing of research tools to suit interest and target of the client. We organize and conduct Focus Group Discussions for our clients.
We also provide major local government publicationsandreportsfromthematicareassuchas education, health, agriculture, social and community services, budgeting and finance among others. The documents include District Development Reports, Budgetary Information and relevant statistical information.

2.Consultancy: We consult for clients in several fields including governance, security, politics, economics, transitional justice,public policy, media, and public service delivery.

3.Orientation: The centre offers orientation to our clients in areas around culture - language, tourism, -including planning these tours, foods, life in Gulu with popular leisure activities and spots. We provide vital information on complexities around Acholi culture and liaise with experts in culture in and around our areas of operation.

4.Documentation: We also provide access to major information in different research fields and areas by linking our clients to different resources.

5.Transcription and Translation services:for most of the local languages in Uganda.

Centre for African Studies -NURC's particular expertise is concentrated in the following areas:
  • Research
  • Orientation for visiting students and scholars
  • Consultancy-for private individuals, government, the third sector and for individuals
  • Translation and transcription services
  • Training of researchers
  • Design and implementation of opinion polls, surveys and analysis
  • Use of focus groups and qualitative comparative analysis as research tools
  • Provision of information for research permits for potential researchers.
CAR- works closely with the Programme for African Leadership of the LSE which places graduate students. The Centre also provides training and induction courses on politics,socio-cultural life in the sub-region, and on governance and public administration issues in Northern Uganda and in South Sudan.

CAR- publishes papers focusing mainly a range of research analyses in Northern Uganda and in South Sudan. CAR has particular expertise in the development of research tools, training of researchers ,designing of research tools, organizing and planning research projects ,data collection and analysis, translation and transcription services.  

CAR Research Fellows have a close understanding of the local context and have served as advisors and practitioners. CAR provides talented multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual teams with outstanding capabilities teams in a wide range of fields and more broadly they can cover regional, national, and international development issues.

The Centre’s proximity to the Local Governments enables meetings and an interchange of information and views to be realised with ease, an important aspect in a close working relationship with government and the public sector in general. The Centre is committed to providing flexible services to all clients, including all reasonable requests for consultation, feedback, dissemination and after-care work, which is included within the fixed prices for all our contracts.



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