CAR staff and Research Associates

Members of the CAR are regionally, nationally and internationally recognised as leading experts in the field of research, public administration, governance security, transitional justice, land reforms, public policy ,politics, media and gender studies among others , and participate in a wide variety of grant-funded primary research projects.


Profiles of Research Fellows and Associates are given in these pages. NURC works in close collaboration with a range of other institutions, individuals and organizations including the District Local Governments, the Media, District NGO Forums and with individual researchers. Additionally we have developed contacts with a wide network of other academic experts at top universities in Africa, Europe, and the United States on which we draw on for specialist advice on detailed issues. These include the London School of Economics and Political Sciences [LSE], Oxford University, Cambridge University, Universities of Warwick, Durham, the School of Oriental and African Studies and from Makerere University,Kampala among others.


Researchers Associates [institutional and individual] are welcome to join the Centre for African Research as research associates. Through this partnership, they can continue their personal work while benefiting from our institutional network and infrastructure.

The covering letter should include:

  • Summary of proposed research activity
  • Motivation and expectations from being a research associate
  • What ways the applicant can support Centre for African Research’s activities and plans.
  • Duration of stay.

Research Associates are expected to have progress review meetings as laid down in the Research Associate Schedule, and may be requested to prepare briefing notes and/or working papers where time permits.

Research Associates are expected to pay an Affiliation fee based on the length of period. However, due to limited space at the RLP, we may not be able to offer this placement all year round.

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